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Working with anxiety in 5-12 year olds

Using the ACT Kidflex to reduce fears and worries

Dr Tamar Black
2 hours (2 CE credits)
29th Feb 2024

If you treat children struggling with mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety, you’ll ...

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Focused ACT for brief interventions

Dr Kirk Strosahl, Dr Patricia Robinson
12 hours (12 CE credits)
4 sessions: 13th Mar - 18th Apr 2024

Achieve rapid, impactful change in a limited time ...

ACT for insomnia & sleep difficulties

Dr Maja Schaedel
6 hours (6 CE credits)
2 sessions: 24th - 25th Apr 2024

Strategies to address cognitive & behavioural factors inhibiting sleep ...


Supervision as integral to your ACT practice and is key to you becoming the best ACT practitioner you can be.  It helps you focuses your understanding of your clients, sharpens the precision of your techniques and increases impact of your interventions. Overall, supervision  helps you both be a better practitioner and enjoy your work more. Find out how we can help you with finding a high-quality ACT supervisor.

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If you are looking for an experienced clinical psychologist, our team is here to help. We offer a range of psychological therapies that that are private, safe and most importantly helpful to you in overcoming personal challenges.

We will put together an individualised psychological program to give you a range of practical strategies and evidence-based tools to help you get back to doing the things you care about.

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A leading provider of high quality Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Training, Therapy and Supervision

Contextual Consulting is the leading provider of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Training from world renowned ACT experts. We're committed to provide leading edge evidence-based ACT Training to therapists and practitioners world-wide. Start learning today and join the 50,000+ therapists who have already benefited from our ACT training events.


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