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Trauma-focused ACT

An in-depth, integrated approach to helping clients heal from trauma

Dr Russ Harris
14 hours (14 CE credits)
4th - 12th Jun 2024

An in-depth, integrated approach to healing from trauma ...

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Self-harm and suicidality in young people

Dr Louise Hayes
3 hours (3 CE credits)
18th Jun 2024

Supporting adolescents when life seems too hard ...

Stuff that's stuck

Dr Ben Sedley
2 hours (2 CE credits)
2nd Jul 2024

ACT strategies for engaging and working with challenging teens ...

Compassion-focused therapy for problematic anger

Russell Kolts
8 hours (8 CE credits)
2 sessions: 9th - 10th Jul 2024

An intermediate level skills workshop ...

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We believe in the power of ACT to bring about positive change. With Contextual Consulting, you are not just joining a training, supervision or therapy session; you are becoming part of our compassionate community on a journey to enrich lives through values-based actions​.


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Supervision is crucial for enhancing your ACT practice and maximising your potential as an ACT practitioner. It enhances client understanding, refines techniques, and boosts intervention effectiveness. Let us help you find a high-quality ACT supervisor to assist on your journey in learning ACT.

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Our team of experienced clinical psychologists provide private, secure, and effective psychological therapies to help you overcome personal challenges. Through a tailored psychological program, gain practical strategies and evidence-based tools to support you on your journey to improved health and well-being

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