ACT Values Cards

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ACT conversation cards are a therapeutic tool for working with values in line with Acceptence and Commitment Therapy. These conversation cards create, evolve and shape surprisingly meaningful perspectives on life and suit youth and adults.

The cards can be used, for example by laying out 8-10 cards and explore what cards the client finds tempting to look into.

The developer of the cards, Dr. Louise Hayes has chosen to share the cards to raise money for a village health service in Nepal. Her hope is that if you find these cards useful, you will consider making a small values based donation to Sanjiwani Health Service. To find out more or donate, please go to:

The deck, which contains 72 different cards, costs £9.98+VAT and includes shipping within the UK. All profit will be donated to the Sanjiwani Public Health Service Health Mission in Nepal. Approximate delivery time is about 1 week. For further questions about shipping or other concerns, contact

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