ACTivate Your Life

ACTivate Your Life
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ACTivate Your Life will reconnect you with yourself by showing how the techniques of ACT can be used to set meaningful goals and give your life some direction. It includes:

  • A clear introduction to the ACT approach
  • Real life scenarios to make the examples come alive
  • Workbook activities for clinicians and clients

Learn to enhance your life skills and change your behaviour for the better!


Download a sample chapter


‘The human mind does not come with an owner’s manual, but this book covers much of what you need to know. It shows how just three critical skills can be cultivated and used that will make a profound difference in your life -addressing problems like depression, anxiety, anger and low self-esteem. Simple and clear, it gives you the tools to move forward, now.’

Prof. Steven C. Hayes, co-developer of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and author of Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life

JOE OLIVER is a clinical psychologist and Director for Contextual Consulting, offering ACT-focused training, supervision and therapy. He also works within the UK National Health Service.

JON HILL is a corporate trainer and executive coach, helping to develop leaders and employees who are healthy, resilient and psychologically flexible.

ERIC MORRIS is a clinical psychologist, researcher and Director of the La Trobe University Psychology Clinic, Melbourne. He trains and supervises ACT therapists.

Download the worksheets used in ACTivate Your Life:

1. Introduction

Download   Open, Aware, Active Worksheet

2. Open Chapter

Download   EXERCISE – Opening Up to Emotions

Download   Noticing Emotions Worksheet

Download   Noticing Thoughts Worksheet

3. Aware Chapter

Download   Consulting Your Team of Advisers Worksheet

Download   Exercise- Awareness of Breath

Download   Exercise- Awareness of Eating a Sweet

Download   Exercise- Noticing That You Are Noticing

Download   Exercise- Three-Step Breathing Space

Download   Taking the perspective of another Worksheet

4. Active Chapter

Download   Areas of Life Worksheet

Download   Exercise- Looking Back on Five Years of Acting on Your Values

Download   Exercise- Your 80th Birthday

Download   Making a Commitment Worksheet

Download   Standing up for your values Worksheet

5. Depression Chapter

Download   Depression Activity Worksheet

Download   Depression Pattern Worksheet

Download   Mindfulness Recording Worksheet

Download   Noticing and Evaluating Worksheet

6. Anxiety Chapter

Download   EXERCISE- Noticing Your Own Unwillingness

Download   EXERCISE- What Parts of Your Life Have Been Made Smaller Because of Anxiety

Download   Living Life Beyond the Comfort Zone (Exposure Log) Worksheet

7. Anger Chapter

Download   Breaking down an anger episode Worksheet

Download   Exercise- Breathing Into the Anger

Download   Mindreading Worksheet

8. Self Esteem Chapter

Download   Playing it safe Worksheet