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Supervision: Meet the speaker (and an introduction to SEED)

At Contextual Consulting we’re proud to offer a full service for acceptance and commitment therapy, including therapy sessions, training and supervision. We firmly believe that supervision is an essential component of your ACT practice, enabling you to excel as an ACT practitioner. In our on-demand schedule we are pleased to host a workshop with Sally […]

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Meet our speaker: Hazel Anderson-Turner

About Hazel Anderson-Turner Hazel is a business psychologist and a mindset coach who specialises in  resilience and leadership. Here’s how she explains her philosophy and coaching approach in her own words: A business psychologist is someone who not only understands what affects and influences employee behaviours, but why. Understanding what makes leaders and teams tick can help businesses to […]

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Why levelling up in ACT requires deliberate practice

My graduate school training at Lesley University was rooted in the philosophy of “self-as-instrument” with regards to the process of therapeutic change; that is to deeply know and effectively make use of oneself in evoking behavioural changes through the therapeutic relationship. Many years later, I continue to embrace and find this orientation helpful, albeit it […]

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