Approach: mindfulness

ACT in the workplace randomised controlled trial study

Background to the study Mindfulness interventions in the workplace have gained interest over the past two decades, aiming to reduce stress, improve mental health, and potentially enhance job performance. Most research focuses on mindfulness training programs like MBSR, involving mindfulness meditation practice. Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) has also become popular, targeting mindful self-regulation. While […]

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ACT as a workplace intervention: A path to employee well-being and performance

The importance of well-being at work At long last, many organisations are finally beginning to recognise the importance of employee well-being and performance. When employees are well taken care of, they experience higher job satisfaction and engagement, which can lead to increased productivity and efficiency. Satisfied employees are more likely to go the extra mile, […]

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Unlocking the path to healing: can ACT help with chronic physical health conditions?

What are physical health problems? When we discuss physical health problems we generally refer to chronic health conditions, long-term illnesses, or health issues that significantly impact one’s lifestyle. While these may be categorised as physical health, the overlap with mental health is well-documented. For an individual who has been used to leading an active and […]

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Effective strategies for managing ADHD in adults

How does ADHD present in adults? Whilst we all know the classic presentation of ADHD in children, and the conventional treatment route with childhood diagnosis, the presentation in adults may be more complex. Adults who have only been recently diagnosed may have developed coping mechanisms, which may or may not be successful, in order to […]

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Co-operation, language and the compassionate perspective

While co-operation, as a set of behaviours, is not unique to humans, the degree to which we co-operate is. The vehicle for this is human language, which developed out of the need of our ancestors to convey increasingly complex and abstract notions to others in their group. Higher level abstract communication allowed for the development […]

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ACTivate your coaching practice!

by Jon Hill – Corporate Trainer and Executive Coach Blueprint Coaching During its relatively short life, coaching has struggled for recognition and respect in some circles. For every satisfied client who has achieved long-held ambitions with the help of a coach there is a sceptic who can’t understand why you would want to invite an […]

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ACT/ MBSR workplace intervention for sleep – ACBS Berlin 2015 Conference

  The effectiveness of a workplace ACT intervention compared to MBSR training for sleep A number of studies indicate that mindfulness meditation improves sleep and results in a decrease of sleep-interfering processes (eg, stress). This paper describes main outcomes of a randomized controlled trial that compared a brief mindfulness-based stress reduction program to an acceptance […]

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