Frequently Asked Questions


If any of your queries are not answered below, please do not hesitate to contact us via email: or phone us on +44 (0)  20 3143 4772. If you have specific accounts or invoice queries, please email us at:


My employer is paying for me, how do I do that?

 When you register for your chosen workshop you will be asked, ‘How do you wish to pay?’ From the dropdown menu choose, ‘Invoice My Employing Authority’. Complete the required information, including all the information that you need to be put in the invoice and an invoice will be sent out as requested. Invoices are normally sent out 1-2 days after you submit your request.


My employer is paying but they are taking a long time and I’m worried I’ll miss the workshop.

Ideally, we’d like to settle your invoice before the event takes place. But if it’s taking longer than expected, not to worry – we can take payment after the workshop has completed. You don’t need to do anything – we will send you your confirmation and workshop details.


How do I join the webinar? 

All our online events are via Zoom. You will be sent a link to join the Zoom webinar or access the recording on your computer, laptop, tablet or phone. This is normally sent out 3-4 days before the event.


I registered but I didn’t receive a link to access the  webinar or online workshop .

The link is typically sent out 3-4 days before the event to the email address you registered with. Make sure you check this email inbox of the email. If you haven’t received it, it’s possible the email was mistaken for ‘spam’ and therefore please check your ‘junk mail folder’.

If you are unable to find the link, please email us on


How do I get access to a webinar or online workshop recording?

 After an event has completed, you will receive an email with instructions on how to set up an account to log in to our website. Once you log in, you can access the recording and view it in your own time.

Will I receive a certificate confirming the number of training hours I have completed after an event ?

Yes, we will send you a certificate with the number of training/ continuing professional development hours you have undertaken. If you have completed a recording, you will also receive a certificate.


I recently took part in a webinar or workshop. How do I get access to the slides?

 The slides and any other workshop materials are sent out shortly after the event finishes to the email address you used to register with. If you haven’t received our follow-up email, it may be that it was diverted to your junk mail folder.

You will also be able to access the event materials on the same page that the webinar or workshop is hosted. Simply scroll down and you will find the materials underneath the recordings.


My employer will be paying for me, but they need to first set your company up as a trusted organization, how do I do that?

 Please email us at and we can arrange that for you. In the meantime, you can still register for the event to ensure you book your place and don’t miss out. When booking, just select from the dropdown menu choose, ‘Invoice My Employing Authority’.


Can I attend your Intermediate or Advanced level Workshops if I haven’t attended an Introductory level Workshop?

We normally say it is important to have completed Introductory level training before moving on to Intermediate or Advanced levels. Intermediate and Advanced level workshop will assume you have basic theoretical knowledge, which will be important to make sure you get the most of the workshop. However, it might be the case that you have undertaken specific supervision or background reading to have provided  you with good foundational knowledge. In such an instance, you may not need to undertake specific Introductory level training.

If you are still uncertain, and would like to get more information, please email us at at:

Do you offer any discounted rates?  

Yes, we offer a range of discounted rates, including for students, those on reduced income or from developing nations. We also offer sliding discounts for groups – the bigger the group, the bigger the discount. Please email us at to discuss with us.


Can I become an accredited or certified ACT therapist or practitioner?

There is no formal training pathway to becoming an ACT therapist or practitioner. The ACT and Contextual Behavioural Science (CBS)  community have deliberately decided to keep it “open source” to make it as accessible as possible, without a formal certification process. Most people will build an ACT training on top of a formal qualification that allows them to practice as a therapist, coach, CBT therapist or psychologist. This means developing a training portfolio with a variety of different ACT/ CBS trainers at workshops and conferences. Ideally, this should be supplemented with supervision by an ACT expert.

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