ACT/ MBSR workplace intervention for sleep – ACBS Berlin 2015 Conference


The effectiveness of a workplace ACT intervention compared to MBSR training for sleep

A number of studies indicate that mindfulness meditation improves sleep and results in a decrease of sleep-interfering processes (eg, stress). This paper describes main outcomes of a randomized controlled trial that compared a brief mindfulness-based stress reduction program to an acceptance and commitment therapy program for sleep quality and stress. It was examined whether the two programs resulted in analogous improvements.

Slide1Two-hundred health workers were randomly allocated in one of three conditions; a four-session group acceptance and commitment training (66), a four-session group mindfulness-based stress reduction training (58) and a waitlist (76). Participants completed outcome and mediation measures at baseline (T1), post 4 weeks (T2), post 10 weeks (T3), post 16 weeks (T4), and at follow-up, 22 weeks (T5). The results indicated a significant improvement on sleep over time for both ACT and MBSR compared to the waitlist.

The study indicates that both brief ACT and MBSR training are helpful interventions in improving sleep though outcomes may result through different mechanisms.




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