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Screenshot 2017-06-27 16.51.58Recently City University London hosted an ACT in the workplace day workshop, organised by the awesome Dr Paul Flaxman. The day was an incredible blend of science and practice from experts in the UK who are on the ground, using ACT in a variety of organisational settings. The fact the over 300 people attended gives you some indication how important and popular this work is becoming. You can find out a bit more about what went on HERE.

I was fortunate to be invited along to talk about Acceptance and Commitment Coaching, an exciting new area that is bursting with potential. I described the coming together of ACT and coaching as a “match made in heaven“. I truly believe the ACT and coaching worlds will be doing great things together in the future.

If you’re interested in my talk, you can download my presentation Acceptance and Commitment Training for Coaching.

This also represents a sneak preview to the book Jon Hill and myself are writing, ‘Acceptance and Commitment Coaching’, as part of the Distinctive Features Series with Taylor & Francis – due out next year.





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