FLEXIBILITY @ WORK – curated podcast episodes

with Annie Gascoyne & Ross McIntosh

Here’s our curated selection of People Soup Podcast episodes that we thought might be particularly useful for those who are already signed up for Flexibility @ Work or those who are mulling it over. We hope you enjoy this selection and look forward to seeing you soon.

Who could forget when Annie was the guest and shared some insights into her ground breaking research on organisational flexibility, which forms the backbone of Module 3 – click on the mic to listen >


Or how about some short episodes where Ross shares tips on how to be the person you’d like to be a bit more often? [click on the mics next to the description to listen]


Values: two top tips – here I draw upon some classics from the hit parade to share two of my top tips on working with values.


Legally Blonde – I draw upon one of my favourite films to illustrate how I can get tangled up in the drama of the courtroom in my mind.


Lemongate – using lemons – I try and show how we can develop stories that may impact in unhelpful ways on how we show up in life.


Watch Annie & Ross introduce the four module Flexibility @ Work programme in the introductory webinar by CLICKING HERE 




And here are some of our top picks featuring the inspirational pioneers who are adapting the behavioural science which underpins Flexibility @ Work for different contexts and populations.

Guy Meadows – The Sleep School Ray Owen – Facing the Storm

Becky Quicke – menopause psychologist


Dayna Lee Baggley –

Health Habits Suck


Louise Gardner –

ACT Auntie


And you can click here to book your place on our Flexibility @ Work Programme.



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