Free ACT Resources from Russ Harris

RH NEwOver the last year, Russ Harris has released a bunch of very cool free resources. In case you didn’t get them, here’s the complete collection, that includes e-books, animations, MP3s and a couple of articles.

If you want to see Russ in action, live, then come along to his ACT for Anxiety and Depression workshop, which he’s running in London on the 16th and 17th of June. It’s the first time he’s run this workshop, so it’s all brand new content – and it’s been getting rave reviews in Australia. For more details, CLICK HERE.




To download the MP3 of the Stage show, click here.

To download the script for this exercise, click here.

Below are 4 ‘dropping anchor’ exercises of various length. For an explanation of ‘dropping anchor’ see the eBook ‘Working with Extreme Fusion’, and the final MP3 below:


These are all available on YouTube. Most of them can be useful for your clients to watch in session, or between sessions.

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