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jason_200x200One thing that everyone says about the ACT community is that it’s great at sharing. There’s a constant stream of videos, manuals, e-books, and papers that are available to dip into. It’s all about helping us with an important mission – to alleviate human suffering and advance well being. Lofty goal right? Well, it’s something we can only achieve by sharing and co-operating. So, in the spirit of that, here are some super cool FREE resources put together by Jason Luoma.

Jason and his wife, Jenna, both from the amazing Portland Psychotherapy clinic in the US, are over in London this September do deliver a Masterclass workshop on dealing with self criticism and shame – issues at the heart of every stuck issue. Find out more here: ACT for Self Criticism and Shame Workshop

Case Formulation Worksheets

In-session Compassion Exercises



  • To download the MP3 of the Loving Kindness meditation, click here.
  • To download the script for this exercise, click here
  • To download the MP3 of the Bringing Kindness and Care to a Troubling Emotion Exercise, click here
  • To download the MP3 of the Noticing the Autopilot Response to Suffering Exercise, click here


Measures & Handouts


Other Related Videos/ TED Talks

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