Issue: ADHD

Neurodiversity celebration week – Supporting the mental health of people with neurodivergence

Neurodiversity celebration week is a global initiative that seeks to challenge stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding neurological differences. The campaign aims to transform the perception and support of neurodivergent individuals by providing educational institutions and organisations with the chance to acknowledge the numerous talents and advantages that come with being neurodivergent. By encouraging inclusive and equitable […]

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Effective strategies for managing ADHD in adults

How does ADHD present in adults? Whilst we all know the classic presentation of ADHD in children, and the conventional treatment route with childhood diagnosis, the presentation in adults may be more complex. Adults who have only been recently diagnosed may have developed coping mechanisms, which may or may not be successful, in order to […]

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Mental health and neurodiversity in young people: what can we do?

The picture currently painted by NHS Digital1 in England is clear; sadly the scale of poor mental health in our population of children and young people is staggering.  In their report dated November 22 from the MHCYP 2017 survey, which has data from 2017, 2020 and 2021, 18% of children between 7 and 16 and […]

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