Issue: sleep

ACT and its impact on sleeplessness, especially in the winter months

What is sleeplessness? Sleeplessness is the inability to fall asleep, stay asleep, or wake earlier than desired. Everyone will occasionally experience this, but it is when it becomes a repeating pattern that it can cause problems. When sleeplessness becomes habitual it turns into insomnia, which “is a clinical disorder that affects 10% of the general […]

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ACT/ MBSR workplace intervention for sleep – ACBS Berlin 2015 Conference

  The effectiveness of a workplace ACT intervention compared to MBSR training for sleep A number of studies indicate that mindfulness meditation improves sleep and results in a decrease of sleep-interfering processes (eg, stress). This paper describes main outcomes of a randomized controlled trial that compared a brief mindfulness-based stress reduction program to an acceptance […]

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