Knowledge hub

Welcome to our knowledge hub! Here you will find lots of helpful articles about ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy), the issues it can support and other therapy approaches and modalities.

Approaches and modalities

Articles that explore approaches and modalities around acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and also complementary/alternative therapies and models that can work in collaboration with ACT.

Children and young people

These articles explore how ACT supports the emotional well-being and psychological development of children and young people. They provide practical strategies and interventions to help navigate challenges, build resilience, and nurture self-acceptance as they pursue meaningful goals and values.

Mental health

Everything we do is about mental health. These articles explore specific issues, approaches and research that can be useful to understand from a mental health perspective when implementing ACT.


These articles explore how ACT benefits neurodivergent individuals, in neurodiversity-affirming ways, emphasising well-being, self-acceptance, and practical strategies to develop psychological flexibility and manage distress.

Physical health

Articles that explore specific issues, approaches and research that are relevant to understand when treating people experiencing from physical health issues and problems.

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