Live Interactive Webcasts

Interactive Webcasting is the future of training workshops. It’s a method that allows you to join our workshops wherever you are in the world via the internet. At our workshops, we have special video equipment and professional operators set up to live record everything as it is happening. That way, you get to actually experience the workshop from home, from work – anywhere you can get an internet connection, and on any device – tablet, computer, even smartphone. You’ll be able to see and hear everything in real time – and you’ll also be able to interact in real time with your questions or comments. Get as involved as if you’re there… without the costs of getting there.

And if you miss anything or review material, we record the whole workshop, so you can go back over and watch the workshop again for up to a week after.

We’ve designed an online portal system that’s simple and easy for you to use. No need to download any complicated software – just click and go!

Web casting FAQs

What are the benefits of Interactive Webcasting?

The main benefit is that you can join the workshop from where ever you are – as long as you have internet access. This affords a huge saving in time and expense for travel and accommodation. By joining via Webcast, you can attend from home or work without having to take any extra time off. You also then get access to the presentation slides and video file for up to a week after the workshop so you won’t miss anything.

How do I access the webcast?

It’s super simple. All you need to do is follow a link that you will be provided prior to the course, along with instructions. Just click and join the workshop – no need to download any software. The system has been designed to be 100% accessible.

Can I ask questions during the presentation?

Absolutely. You will be able to ask the presenter questions, just as you would in any workshop. You’ll also have the extra benefit of being able to interact with other colleagues who have also joined the webcast.

Will I receive a CPD certificate?

Yes, you will receive a CPD certificate that is equivalent to what delegates attending in person receive.

Can I view the presentation afterwards?

Yes, a video of presentation will be available to you for up to one week after the workshop is finished. This is one of the great benefits of joining via webcast. You’ll be able to go back over any part of the actual workshop you want to review or check anything that you missed. You also don’t actually have to attend the live webcast – if you’re not able to make it on the actual dates, you can still login afterwards and watch the recorded version.

What equipment do I need?

You just need a computer (PC or Mac), laptop or tablet that can access the internet. You need a good broadband speed that would allow you to comfortably stream a movie (such as a video on YouTube).

Can I still participate in any skills practice work?

Yes, we have a special portal in the system to allow you to connect with other participants joining via the Webcast.

Will the Webcast work on my computer?

Yes! As long as you have access to a web browser and you’re connected to the internet, you will be able to attend the workshop. It’s that simple – all you need to do is go to the webpage link, login and you’re set to go. You can join the workshop on any device including your home computer or iPad. You can even join in using your smart phone.

How do I deal with any technical issues that come up?

We will have dedicated technicians on hand throughout the entire duration of the workshop. They will be there to help you manage any issues that may come up and get you back in to the workshop again. Also, if you think there may be a problem, be it with your work access or anything else, you can log in early to check if things are working for you, and be prepared.

There may of course be technical issues that come up on your end, which will be your responsibility to look after. But these are rare and we have an extra handy troubleshooting guide that comes with tips and tricks to deal with any problems.



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