ACT for depression and anxiety disorders

In-person practical skills workshop

Central London (venue to be confirmed)
12 hours (12 CE credits)
Intermediate level / In-person
Psychologists, coaches, medics, social workers, therapists, counsellors and OTs.

Course Description

This is an in-person workshop, taking place in central London


Every day, around the globe, depression and anxiety shatter the lives of millions

But you have the power to make a difference …

Do you want to help your clients find rapid relief from suffering? And go on to build richer, fuller lives?

If so, this 2-day advanced level workshop is for you. You’ll go deeper into the ACT model, take your skills to the next level, and learn specific methods for depression and anxiety disorders.

You’ll learn about common stumbling blocks and sticking points, and how to quickly get around them.

And you’ll discover a wealth of practical tools and strategies to effectively target depression (major depressive disorder and dysthymia) and the full range of anxiety disorders (from OCD & phobias to social anxiety & panic disorder). The workshop will include live demonstrations, videos of therapy sessions, and a wide range of experiential exercises.

Please note: this is an intermediate level workshop and we assume registrants have attended some form of introductory level training or are familiar with the ACT model by doing some background reading. We have a free on-demand introduction to ACT workshop available to help you prepare

Please contact us if you are unsure.


What you will learn

Day 1 ACT for depression

Section 1

  • Common practitioner problems
  • The ACT conceptualisation of depression & anxiety disorders
  • The vicious cycle beneath the most sever presentations
  • ACT’s non-pathologising diagnostic system
  • ACT case formulation
  • Problems with establishing therapy goals

Section 2

  • Repetitive negative thinking (RNT) – ruminating, worrying, obsessing
  • Brief interventions for RNT
  • Overcoming helplessness about RNT: “I can’t help it!”
  • Overcoming ambivalence about RNT: “But it helps me!”
  • Dealing with dilemmas & indecisiveness
  • Scaffolding new skills
  • The “7 Rs” – for overcoming procrastination/inertia, and maintaining new behaviour

Section 3

  • Motivation issues => getting to values early, and defusing from hopelessness
  • Undermining experiential avoidance
  • 50 shades of acceptance
  • Emotion regulation in ACT
  • Being creative: Inventing your own ‘non-traditional’ mindfulness exercises
Day 2 ACT for anxiety disorders

Section 1

  • Anatomy of a panic attack
  • Using ACT to overcome panic attacks
  • The ACT model of exposure (and how it differs from CBT)
  • Values-guided exposure: step by step
  • Creating an exposure hierarchy
  • “Physicalising” emotions
  • Self-compassion
  • How to stop “problem-hopping”
  • Responding effectively when clients repeatedly answer, “I don’t know”

Section 2

  • What to do when getting to values is hard
  • Overcoming task inertia & procrastination
  • Working with fatigue: pacing and resting
    Other strategies for motivation
  • Working with intrusive thoughts
  • Values-based problem-solving
  • Values-based contingency-planning

Section 3

  • Defusion from rigid rules
  • Overcoming resistance
  • Working with mandated/coerced clients
  • What to do when “life is meaninglessness”
  • Working with suicidality
  • Safety plans & relapse prevention

Who would benefit from this workshop?

Meant for practitioners who have already had basic introductory training in ACT, we recommend this workshop for all mental health professionals including psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, nurse practitioners, coaches, therapists, counsellors, GPs, youth workers, and OTs.

Feedback from previous workshops is always very positive:

“Very well organised, enjoyable, well thought about with a good mixture of theory, slides and practical demonstrations and videos. Russ is a fantastic speaker, and it was a privilege to join this workshop and hear/learn from the “master” himself. Thank you!”

“So well put together. Russ is just a fantastic facilitator for ACT processes. Instils confidence in clinical approach and self-compassion as a therapist, and a human being!”

 “Love Russ’s energy and enthusiasm.”


Light refreshments will be provided for morning and afternoon tea. Lunch is not included in the registration fee but you will have the option to purchase lunch at one of the many catering outlets outside of the venue.

After this workshop you will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the ACT conceptualisation of depression and anxiety disorders.
  2. Apply the ACT non-pathologising diagnostic system to assess and formulate cases of depression and anxiety disorders.
  3. Identify and address common stumbling blocks and sticking points in therapy for depression and anxiety disorders.
  4. Utilize specific ACT interventions for overcoming repetitive negative thinking, ambivalence, and indecisiveness in clients.
  5. Implement motivation-enhancing techniques, such as values clarification and defusion, to address motivation issues in clients with depression and anxiety disorders.
  6. Apply the ACT model of exposure to effectively target anxiety disorders, including panic attacks, and create exposure hierarchies based on values-guided exposure.

If you have disability and require adjustments or accommodation, please email us at to discuss your needs and we will do our best to help you.

Booking cancellation 

The registration fee will be refunded minus a administration charge if cancellations are received at least two weeks before the workshop date.

Cancellations within two weeks of the event date are charged the full registration fee, other than in exceptional circumstances that can be verified.

Event cancellation 
In the event of cancellation of the course outside of our control we will not be held accountable for travel and/or accommodation costs incurred. However, the workshop fees will be refunded.

All workshops will be subject to minimum delegate numbers being met; in the event that a workshop should be cancelled delegates will be given no less than 2 months’ notice.

Replacing delegates

If a delegate is unable to attend and a replacement is nominated there may be a charge depending on the individual circumstances, this will be advised at the time. Please contact the us to request a replacement of delegates at least a week before the workshop date.

Contextual Consulting is committed to the identification and resolution of potential conflicts of interest in the planning, promotion, delivery, and evaluation of continuing education. Potential conflicts of interest occur when an individual assumes a professional role in the planning, promotion, delivery, or evaluation of continuing education where personal, professional, legal, financial, or other interests could reasonably be expected to impair their objectivity, competence, or effectiveness.

There was no commercial support for this event. None of the planners or presenters for this educational activity have relevant financial relationship(s) to disclose with ineligible companies whose primary business is producing, marketing, selling, re-selling, or distributing healthcare products used by or on patients.

ACT for depression and anxiety disorders
2 sessions: 12th - 13th May 2025
Central London (venue to be confirmed)
Starts: 12th May 2025: 9:00 AM (London time)
Show full schedule
$312.00 (+ VAT if applicable). Early-bird rate valid until 18th Jan 2025 and then the normal price of US$390.00 + VAT will apply.
Student price US$195.00   Select:


To find out more, including attendance requirements and how to access your certificate, go to our continuing education information page.

To access this workshop you will need a stable internet connection and a set of smart phone ear buds with built in microphone. Your internet speed should be a minimum of 1.5mbs  DOWNLOAD & UPLOAD. You can check that here at

We will have dedicated technicians on hand throughout the entire duration of the workshop. They will be there to help you manage any issues that may come up and get you back in to the workshop again. Also, if you think there may be a problem, be it with your work access or anything else, you can log in early to check if things are working for you, and be prepared. There may of course be technical issues that come up on your end, which will be your responsibility to look after. But these are rare and we have an extra handy troubleshooting guide that comes with tips and tricks to deal with any problems.

Yes! As long as you have access to a web browser and you’re connected to the internet, you will be able to attend. It’s that simple – all you need to do is go to the webpage link, login and you’re set to go. You can join the workshop on any device including your home computer or iPad. You can even join in using your smart phone.

Yes, we have a special portal in the system to allow you to connect with other participants joining via the workshop.

You just need a computer (PC or Mac), laptop or tablet that can access the internet. You need a good broadband speed that would allow you to comfortably stream a movie (such as a video on YouTube).

Yes, a video of the presentation will be available to you for up to 6 months after the workshop is finished.  You’ll be able to go back over any part of the workshop to review or check anything that you missed. You also don’t actually have to attend the live workshop – if you’re not able to make it on the actual date, you can still login afterwards and watch the recorded version.

Yes, you will receive a CPD certificate.

Absolutely. You will be able to ask the presenter questions, just as you would in any workshop. You’ll also have the extra benefit of being able to interact with other colleagues who have also joined the workshop.

It’s super simple. All you need to do is follow a link that you will be provided prior to the course, along with instructions.

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