On-demand training

Access the flexibility and convenience of our on-demand ACT online training sessions, available for at least 6 months from purchase. Learn acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) in your own time and at your own pace.

Treating perfectionism

Practical approaches to unwinding unhelpful habits, fear of failure and relentless self-criticism
Jennifer Kemp
Access is for 6 months after purchase
Four 2 hour sessions (8 CE credits)

Are you struggling to treat your clients’ perfectionism? Join our in-depth intermediate-level workshop, “Treating Perfectionism,” and ...

ACT in the workplace

Enhancing workplace well-being with the Train-the-Trainer program
Ross McIntosh
Access is for 6 months after purchase
14 hours (14 CE credits)

In today’s fast-paced work environment, employees are faced with a range of challenges and experiences ...

ACT for insomnia & sleep difficulties

Strategies to address cognitive & behavioural factors inhibiting sleep
Dr Maja Schaedel
Access is for 6 months after purchase
6 hours (6 CE credits)

A key difficulty that gets in the way of our sleep is the pressure to go to sleep. How do we help people protect their sleep and well-being yet who continue to have sleep difficulties? ...

ACTivating your supervision

Become a more effective ACT supervisor
Dr Sally Bradley, Jim Lucas
Access is for 6 months after purchase
6 hours (6 CE credits)

Are you an ACT clinician looking to build your knowledge and skills in ACT Supervision? Have ...

An introduction to the ACT model

Discover the basics in a FREE hour-long workshop
Dr Joe Oliver
Access is for 12 months after purchase
1 hours (1 CE credit)

Overview Acceptance and commitment therapy, (ACT) is an exciting and powerful approach for understanding and working ...

Understanding cognitive defusion from an RFT perspective

Conceptualising of defusion in terms of its relationship to basic behavioural concepts: for Persian speakers/ برای فارسی زبانان
Hossein Saeedi / حسین سعیدی
Access is for 6 months after purchase/ دسترسی به مدت 6 ماه پس از ثبت نام
2 hours/ 2 ساعت

This workshop is for Persian speakers The subprocess of cognitive defusion is a valuable factor for ...

ACTing it out: using chairwork to enliven your sessions

Exploring the applications of chairwork in ACT
Dr Tobyn Bell, Dr Matthew Pugh
Access is for 6 months after purchase
6 hours (6 CE credits)

This experiential, exploratory, and practice-focused workshop will introduce the four ‘pillars’ of chairwork and how they can be used in ACT. ...

ACT skills for working with chronic pain

Practical experiential exercises to build resilience and valued living
Dr Kristy Potter
12 months
2.5 hours (2.5 CE credits)

Are you a psychologist looking to enhance your skills in working with clients experiencing chronic ...

ACT for physical health problems

An introductory level skills workshop
Dr Ray Owen
Access is for 6 months after purchase
12 hours (12 CEs)

This workshop is aimed at practitioners who work to support people living with long-term physical health problems. ...

ACT in focus: navigating processes, procedures, and future directions

FREE workshop recording
Dr Richard Bennett
Access is for 6 months after purchase
2 (2 CE credits)

Calling all ACT practitioners, therapists, and researchers! Prepare for an enlightening lecture featuring renowned ACT ...

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