ACT in focus: navigating processes, procedures, and future directions

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Therapists, students, practitioners and researchers interested in ACT

Course Description

Calling all ACT practitioners, therapists, and researchers! Prepare for an enlightening lecture featuring renowned ACT expert and ACBS peer-reviewed trainer, Dr. Richard Bennett. Richard, co-author of the esteemed ACT textbook “100 Key Points and Techniques in ACT” and associate professor at University of Birmingham, brings a wealth of clinical experience as an ACT therapist to this engaging talk.

Join Richard on a thought-provoking journey as he explores the essential elements of ACT: processes, procedures, and outcomes. Discover why a deep understanding of these components is crucial for enhancing your ACT practice. The lecture will conclude with an interactive Q&A session, providing a unique opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions with Richard himself.

ACT emerged on the behavioural psychology scene at the turn of the millennium, revolutionising the way we approach a wide range of human challenges. From mental health to workplace well-being, physical health, high-level performance, child development, and societal improvements, ACT has demonstrated its versatility. With an exponentially growing evidence base, it is now recommended by esteemed institutions such as the World Health Organization and national guidelines.

Now, as ACT has matured and ushered in a new era of process-driven psychological interventions, it is time to reflect on our progress and chart the course for the future. In this captivating lecture, Richard will explore three key areas:

  1. A review of the claims made about ACT’s core processes, procedures, and outcomes, providing insight into the foundations of this transformative therapy.
  2. An examination of how ACT established itself as a ground-breaking “third wave” cognitive-behavioural therapy, including the introduction of the Hexaflex and its practical implications for your practice.
  3. An appraisal of the current state of the evidence base and offering ideas for where ACT and its practitioners should focus their efforts in this era of process-based therapy.

This lecture is a must-attend for ACT practitioners, therapists, and researchers seeking to deepen their knowledge and explore the strengths and limitations of ACT. While the talk assumes a working knowledge of the ACT model, it will provide valuable insights to further develop your practice.

Reserve your spot now and join us for this enlightening lecture by Dr. Richard Bennett, a true authority in the field of ACT. Expand your understanding, gain fresh perspectives, and ignite your passion for process-based therapy. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity!

Feedback from the workshop

“Elegantly built session thanks! And the walking through the chat-questions is very much appreciated gives a personalised and deepening look in these matters”
Petra van Doorn, psychologist

“Thank you Richard for your honesty and flexibility!!”
Elie Rizkallah, psychologist

“Thought-provoking, a real conversation starter. I want to talk about what I’ve learned to my colleagues and friends!”
Sami Karney, CBT Therapist

“Thank you so much, I appreciated the opportunity and the workshop was really beneficial”
Roman Yarmolyuk, psychologist

“Well organised and thought provoking”
Rachel Toole, Clinical Psychologist

Who would benefit from this workshop?

This lecture is aimed at therapists, practitioners and researchers who already have a good foundational knowledge of ACT and who are generally interested in therapy processes.

HelloSelf Partnership

HelloSelf is delighted to be partnering with Contextual Consulting on this event. At HelloSelf we believe in delivering evidence based practice and this includes ACT. Many of our therapists are experts in delivering ACT and we are delighted to provide more training for experts wanting to upskill in this area. At HelloSelf we support our clinicians’ continued professional development through our community and events like this.


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APA psychologists: This program is sponsored by Contextual Consulting and is approved for 2 CE credits for psychologists. 

Behaviour analysts: This workshop is available for 2 BACB Learning CEUs. Contextual Consulting is an approved BACB ACE Provider # OP-20-3415.

Nationally certified counselors: This workshop is available for 2 credit hours. Contextual Consulting Ltd. has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 7578. 

To find out more, including attendance requirements and how to access your certificate, go to our continuing education information page.

After this talk you will be able to:

  1. Critically review the claims made about ACT's core processes, procedures, and outcomes
  2. Describe how ACT established itself as a "third wave" cognitive-behavioural therapy,
  3. Summarise the current state of the evidence base for ACT.
ACT in focus: navigating processes, procedures, and future directions

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