Shaping psychological flexibility with process-based functional analysis

Intermediate Level ACT skills workshop

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4 hours (4 CE credits)
Intermediate level
Experienced ACT practitioners and clinicians

Course Description

You will have access to this on-demand event for 6 months after purchase.

Please note: this is very much an intermediate level workshop and is not open to beginners.

Do you find your ACT skills are sometimes chunky and clunky? Are you ready to move to fluid and flexible ACT? Then you will love this workshop by master clinician and peer reviewed trainer, Lou Lasprugato.

We all know that manualised, diagnostic-based approaches struggle with the fluid and dynamic psychology of each human being we encounter in our clinical work. What do we do with a client who doesn’t quite fit the model? What do we do with clients who have two, three or four diagnosable problems at the same time!

A new wave of process-based therapies is emerging in behavioural and cognitive approaches, that seeks to address this issue, calling for a “context-and individual-sensitive, principles-informed approach to care” (Ong, Levin, & Twohig, 2020). This wave is founded on the ongoing question, “What core biopsychosocial processes should be targeted with this client given this goal in this situation, and how can they most efficiently and effectively be changed?” (Hofmann & Hayes, 2019). This affirms a “commitment to responding to in-the-moment processes, which are to be conceptualized based on the functions they serve for the individual.” (Ong, Levin, & Twohig, 2020).

Lou will take you through these latest developments to demonstrate the power of behavioural interventions of modelling, evoking, and reinforcing, and how you can employ them to actively and effectively shape psychological flexibility in session. In this way, you learn how to apply ACT in a fluid and flexible way, to keep your work fresh, organic and deeply functional.

This intermediate-level 4-hour workshop will stretch you to help you progress to your next level as an ACT practitioner.  It will focus on deepening and sharpening your ACT abilities through grounding your approach in contextual behavioral principles and the latest cutting-edge developments in process-based therapy.  You will learn how to detect and code across the six dimensions of psychological flexibility to maximise the impact of your interventions.

The workshop will include the use of a video vignette, a demonstration, and small, feedback-enhanced, group sessions.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  1. Methods to develop highly focused formulations by capturing inflexible and flexible processes across six psychological dimensions
  2. Ways to rapidly identify the central flexibility processes above and beyond the presenting clinical problem
  3. Techniques to develop on-the-fly functional analysis to more effectively target processes in-the-moment
  4. How to powerfully model openness, awareness, and engagement behaviours to create meaningful change
  5. How to supercharge sessions by evoking key clinical behaviours and bringing them into the room
  6. Strategies to vitalise your therapy relationships and create firm commitments to change through precise and targeted reinforcement


If you have disability and require adjustments or accommodation, please email us at to discuss your needs and we will do our best to help you.

APA psychologists: This program is sponsored by Contextual Consulting and is approved for 4 CE credits for psychologists. 

Behaviour analysts: This workshop is available for 4 BACB Learning CEUs. Contextual Consulting is an approved BACB ACE Provider # OP-20-3415.

Nationally certified counselors: This workshop is available for 4 credit hours. Contextual Consulting Ltd. has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 7578. 

To find out more, including attendance requirements and how to access your certificate, go to our continuing education information page.

Shaping psychological flexibility with process-based functional analysis
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