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Do you want to learn how to deliver ACT to young people in a clear, practical, fun and accessible way? Maybe you have some understanding of ACT theory, but are unsure what to actual do to convey the key concepts in a way that makes sense to children and adolescents.

This training, based on the InTER-ACT programme, a bespoke, research-driven resilience intervention developed by Victoria and Chloe, provides delegates with fun, creative and flexible exercises to use with children and adolescents.

Through engaging, experiential learning, alongside plenty of practical guidance, delegates will take away a range of powerful strategies for easily integrating ACT into their work supporting young people. All skills taught can be used as stand-alone exercises, making them suitable for one-off support and brief individual interventions, including by those who may not be mental health specialists. The skills are also powerful tools to integrate into groups for young people, particularly non-targeted groups such as waiting list support, wellbeing groups within schools and targeted preventative mental health groups.

The skills taught will be particularly relevant for those providing universal and prevention services, as well as early help and targeted services. Equally, many of the skills covered have been found to be valuable for supporting young people with more complex difficulties.

A wide range of professionals who interact with children and young people through their work will benefit from the workshop, including psychologists, counsellors, social workers, teachers, EMHPs, youth workers and GPs. The workshop is suitable for those with no prior ACT experience and the skills covered are suitable for young people aged around 9 years to 16 years.

Key Skills Covered
  • How to ensure ‘buy-in’ from young people from the get-go when introducing the ACT approach. Clever and creative ways to convey why ‘control is the problem, not the solution’.

Develop skills in core ACT processes:

Tangled-up to Getting Unstuck

  • Help young people develop a toolkit of simple but effective skills to ‘defuse’ or untangle themselves from painful and bossy difficult thoughts, so they can be freer to do what matters more of the time.

Resisting to Coexisting

  • Support young people to drop counterproductive attempts at avoidance by discovering effective strategies that show them how to make room for difficult emotions.
  • Learn how to guide children through a powerful and immersive visualisation, so they can start to benefit from a more accepting orientation towards internal experiences.

Barely There to Fully Aware

  • Help young people move from the daze of autopilot living to the connection and vibrancy of present moment awareness. Learn how to teach a repertoire of mindfulness activities, integrating different sensory elements and varying from quiet reflection to active playfulness. Help young people to develop flexible mindful attention through a novel and creative exercise, highly effective for developing valuable neutral noticing skills.

Surviving to Thriving

  • Discover how much young people appreciate conversations which step away from the dominant discourse of achievement and success.
  • Learn how easy it is, with the right approach, to engage young people in value-based conversations, and how powerful this can be in enabling them to take steps towards a more purposeful and meaningful life.

Delegates will receive electronic handouts, including scripts for guiding young people through the practical exercises.

If you have disability and require adjustments or accommodation, please email us at to discuss your needs and we will do our best to help you.

ACT Skills for Children and Adolescents

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