DNA-V for adults

A new process-based change framework for helping adults face change and grow stronger

2 hours
Introductory level
Professionals working with adults in all settings, including coaching, education, and counselling

Course Description

You will have access to the recording for 6 months.

More than ever, we are living in a world of uncertainty and change, and our well-being depends on how we adapt.  In this context, DNA-v provides a growth framework for adults that gives a fresh, creative view of ourselves and our social lives.

This workshop will dive into change and growth and show how you can help adults with their inner world (thoughts, feelings, embodied being) and their outer world (relationships, jobs, and external factors). It is the culmination of years of writing for the new book What Makes You Stronger (L. Hayes, J. Ciarrochi, and A. Bailey).

The science behind it. DNA-v is a robust model that applies science-based solutions to human concerns. It arose inside the applied work of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and the theoretical foundation of evolution and contextual behavioural science. It is a processes-based framework that considers cutting edge research into humanity (concepts such as the multi-dimensional, multi-level extended evolutionary meta-model[1]) and yet it delivers a readily accessible and easy to learn application. DNA-V is about science with accessibility.

Growth isn’t just for youth: The initial application of DNA-v was targeted at adolescents – a dramatic time of change and growth in the human life span. As applied to young people, DNA-V has encouraged research, new clinical protocols, school curriculums, and models for community outreach. But adults face change and must grow too – relationships come together and break up, people age, get sick or recover health, lose and find jobs. And right now, we need help to adapt to marked social change – technological advances at the speed of light, social restructuring, pandemics, and climate change. Change is constant, and we can grow with it.

This workshop will introduce you to DNA-V for adults and show how it can guide your work and your wellbeing. It is based on helping people build greater strength.

You will gain introductory insights into:

  • How to help adults become aware of their comfort zone, accept instead of judge their actions, and then find new life in the discoverer zone
  • How to help adults gain awareness of their embodied self and restore their inner balance when emotions spiral
  • How to help adults train their language for flexibility — like advisor yoga!
  • How lives of vital awareness can build into lives of meaning and purpose.

What you will take away:

  • You will take away new insights and tools into brief work with adults
  • You will be able to apply individual exercises into your work, and you can take aspects into the model you are presently using (in other words, you don’t have to learn a whole new model and throw out what you know)

[1] Hayes, S. C., Hofmann, S. G., & Ciarrochi, J. (2020). A process-based approach to psychological diagnosis and treatment: The conceptual and treatment utility of an extended evolutionary meta model. Clinical Psychology Review, 82, 101908. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cpr.2020.101908

Who is this for:

The workshop will suit professionals working with adults in all settings, including coaching, education, and counselling.

If you have disability and require adjustments or accommodation, please email us at to discuss your needs and we will do our best to help you.

DNA-V for adults

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