Enhancing your ACT practice with Relational Frame Theory (RFT) – a Masterclass with Yvonne Barnes-Holmes

Course Description

 Recorded Webcast – two day workshop
Presenter: Dr Yvonne Barnes-Holmes
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Research in ACT, and third wave behaviour therapies generally, has grown exponentially, as has research on RFT. However, the two fields have witnessed differential growth patterns that have allowed new concepts to emerge in the ACT literature which are difficult to interpret from an RFT perspective, in terms of a functional-analytic understanding of psychological distress. A key purpose of the workshop will be to address this growing gap between the basic and applied wings of Contextual Behavioural Science.

The overarching aim of the workshop will be to build and strengthen the much needed links between basic experimental models of psychological distress and their treatment and conceptual analyses emerging from ACT.

Join world leader, Yvonne Barnes-Holmes for this unique opportunity to learn the cutting edge developments in RFT and Contextual Behavioural Science and how you can develop on your practice to enhance the precision and impact of your interventions.

The various elements of the workshop may be summarised as follows:

  • a focused overview key behavioural concepts which pre-date RFT but which may still apply to psychological distress
  • a beginners’ introduction to RFT, with a particular focus on how it explains distress
  • an overview recent conceptual advances in RFT, including the Multi-Dimensional Multi-Level (MDML) framework and the Differential AARR Effects (DAARRE) model
  • videos of in vivo therapy sessions in which the therapist engages in verbal functional analyses that involve “drilling down” into the relational networks that appear to be central to a client’s psychological suffering
  • illustrations of how RFT, and the MDML framework and the DAARRE model, may facilitate and support the interplay between RFT research and clinical practice in third wave therapies such as ACT.

About the Presenter

Yvonne Barnes-Holmes is Associate Professor of Behaviour Analysis at Ghent University and a Senior Research Fellow on an Odysseus I FWO Award with her husband Professor Dermot Barnes-Holmes. She has published approximately 150 research articles and book chapters, mostly on Relational Frame Theory and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy She has been an ACT practitioner for 20 years and is one of the world leader in the application of RFT to clinical settings. She has given many international training events, workshops and over 400 presentations.

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Enhancing your ACT practice with Relational Frame Theory (RFT) – a Masterclass with Yvonne Barnes-Holmes

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