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Reflections on an enriching year: Contextual Consulting 2023 highlights

As we begin to wind down 2023 and eagerly embrace the new year, we thought it would be a perfect time to take a moment and appreciate the extraordinary journey we have had at Contextual Consulting this year. It’s been an enriching time filled with workshops, supervision sessions, therapy, and impactful charity work. Or if […]

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Effective strategies for managing ADHD in adults

How does ADHD present in adults? Whilst we all know the classic presentation of ADHD in children, and the conventional treatment route with childhood diagnosis, the presentation in adults may be more complex. Adults who have only been recently diagnosed may have developed coping mechanisms, which may or may not be successful, in order to […]

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Self-harming and suicidality – red flags and effective responses

The stark reality: understanding the prevalence of suicide and self-harm The National Confidential Inquiry into Suicide and Safety in Mental Health1 looks at data from the years 2009 to 2019. It is worth considering that the landscape of mental health during the COVID pandemic and in the aftermath, has definitely become bleaker. Factors such as […]

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Meet our speaker: Russ Harris

Many of you will know Russ Harris because he’s giant in the world of ACT. You’ve probably heard of him, read his books or attended his workshops. He also has a well-developed sense of fun, so we thought he’d be up for some quick-fire interview questions. We’re happy to introduce you to the real Russ […]

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ACT bootcamp with Russ Harris – a personal account

I recently attended Russ Harris’ advanced ACT workshop in July. I found this training both theoretically informed and inexorably human. Russ covered traditional ACT concepts and therapeutic formalities well. He also introduced novel formulaic and intervention tools (e.g. the Four Horseman of Rigidity and The Choice Point), which were especially helpful when thinking about how […]

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