Dr Kirk Strosahl

Dr Kirk Strosahl is a co-founder of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and has long been a chief proponent of using Focused ACT (FACT) as a brief intervention.

Kirk has co-authored professional books on FACT, including:

  • Brief Interventions for Radical Change: Principles and Practice of Focused Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (Robinson & Gustavsson, co-authors, 2012, New Harbinger Publications)
  • Inside This Moment: Promoting Radical Change in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (Robinson & Gustavsson, co-authors, 2015, New Harbinger Publications).
  • Clinical Manual for Assessment and Treatment of Suicidal Patients, 2nd (Chiles and Roberts co-authors, 2018, American Psychiatric Publishing).

Recently his focus has been on applying FACT as a crisis intervention approach: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Crisis Integration: Theory and Practice (Carlsson & Roberts co-authors, 2023, American Psychiatric Publishing).

Kirk has conducted numerous training workshops on FACT around the world. Because his approach to teaching is so clinician oriented, accessible and practical, Kirk has been referred to as the “hands of ACT”.

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