Dr Kristy Potter

Dr Kristy Potter is a clinical psychologist who is passionate about ACT and has particular expertise in using this with physical health conditions including chronic pain. Kristy has an active research background and has published research on using ACT; her main areas of expertise lie within physical health including use of ACT with neurological conditions, adjustment to chronic illness and pain, as well as support family / carers.  Kristy has extensive clinical experience, having worked in a range of health settings working with the UK Ministry of Defence, working towards the rehabilitation of the injured members of the Armed Forces.

She has more recently been focusing of using ACT with Neurodivergent populations which has contributed to her overall passion for making ACT accessible to all clients at the various stages of their journeys.

Selected Publications:

Potter, K. J., Golijana-Moghaddam, N., Evangelou, N., Mhizha-Murira, J. R., & Das Nair, R. (2020). Self-help Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Carers of People with Multiple Sclerosis: A Feasibility Randomised Controlled Trial. Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings, 1-16.

Topcu, G., Griffiths, H., Bale, C., Trigg, E., Clarke, S., Potter, K. J., … & das Nair, R. (2020). Psychosocial adjustment to multiple sclerosis diagnosis: A meta-review of systematic reviews. Clinical Psychology Review, 101923.

Martin, K.-J., Golijani-Moghaddam, N., & dasNair, R., (2018). Mindfulness self-help interventions for symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress: Review and meta-analysis. International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation, 25(2), 82–95.

Martin, K.-J., Sinclair, E. J., & DasNair, R. (2015). Descriptions of memory rehabilitation group interventions for neurological conditions: A systematic review. Clinical Rehabilitation. https://doi.org/10.1177/0269215515595273





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