Hazel Anderson-Turner

Hazel Anderson-Turner is a Business Psychologist and Professional Certified Coach who uses ACT within her 1:1 coaching and leadership development workshops. Hazel specialises in resilience, leadership and burnout prevention and since the pandemic has been working intensely with the NHS and emergency services.

Her story:

I’ve always been fascinated by the relationship we have with our minds. Because I understand that relationship, through years and years of study, research and training, I am compelled to share that knowledge with you.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, I wish I’d known what I know now earlier in my career.

Throughout my 20s and 30s I worked in highly stressful transitional environments, managing large teams during times of job uncertainty.  Trying to be ‘perfect’ in my role as leader and a parent left me looking burnout right in the face.  I found my perceived ‘failure’ hard to swallow and my critical mind went into overdrive. But, by tapping into my inner psychologist and by doing the work, I turned it around.

I began to understand that what I had experienced was very common and very human, but that didn’t mean that I couldn’t change it.  I learnt that the programming and repeating of patterns that got me to where I was, could be changed.  I stopped seeing resilience as about just getting ‘tougher’ and ‘digging deeper’ and instead worked on developing a flexible approach to my challenges.  Once I worked out how to re-frame, re-train and re-connect with what was most important, it changed everything.

Experiencing this for myself and finding a new way to navigate my mind and my life has, I believe, made me a better leader and a better psychologist.

It is important to me that everything I recommend is tried, tested, and researched, by decades of dedicated psychologists and behavioural scientists… oh, and by me, Hazel Anderson-Turner.

You can read more about Hazel’s coaching work on her Linked In profile or  on her website

She has also produced a short 5 minute video about ACT, which you can see here

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