On-demand training

Access the flexibility and convenience of our on-demand acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) training sessions, available for at least 6 months from purchase. Learn ACT in your own time and at your own pace.

ACT for physical health problems: intermediate levels

An intermediate level skills workshop
Dr Ray Owen
Access is for 6 months after purchase
12 hours (12 CE credits)

This workshop will help you take your skills to the next level and dive into the more complex aspects of the model. ...

Developing psychologically flexible children and adolescents

Using ACT and RFT to promote a healthy sense of self
Darin Cairns
Access is for 6 months after purchase
2.5 hours (2.5 CE credits)

In this workshop, Darin Cairns will show you how self narratives are formed and how to work with them to build flexibility, meaning and purpose. ...

ACT for beginners workshop

An introduction to Acceptance & Commitment Therapy
Dr Joe Oliver
Access is for 6 months after purchase
5.5 hours (5.5 CE credits)

If you want to find out more about ACT how you can begin to bring the tools and  techniques of into your own practice, then this workshop is for you! ...

Having difficult conversations: How psychological flexibility can help

Skills and strategies to successfully have difficult conversations
Dr Ray Owen
Access is for 6 months after purchase

Learn about the Psychological Flexibility model and how it helps focussed on what matters to us in having these difficult conversations, stay ‘in the moment’ and so handle these tricky situations successfully ...

Life after covid

Using acceptance and values to find a way forward for our patients, our colleagues and ourselves
Dr Ray Owen
Access is for 6 months after purchase
2 hours (2 CE credits)

In this workshop, Ray will take you through skills and concepts related to accept and values; and how these can be used to build a rebuild life after the health impact COVID ...

Clinical functional analysis and the process of change

Intermediate Level skills workshop
Dr Niklas Törneke
Access is for 6 months after purchase
6 hours (6 CE credits)

If there was one tool that lies at the heart of  impactful and meaningful  clinical change, it is functional analysis. This workshop will take you through the key theory and skills ...

Functional Analytic Psychotherapy

An introductory workshop
Dr Gareth Holman
Access is for 6 months after purchase

Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP) is a powerful approach that utilises the therapy relationship as a vehicle for change. If you are an ACT practitioner, then learning about FAP is crucial! ...

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