Re-frame, re-train and re-connect with Hazel Anderson-Turner

Ahead of her upcoming course “ACTivate your coaching for beginners: A practical introduction to using ACT in your coaching sessions” we’re pleased to share Hazel’s story, talking about why re-framing, re-training and re-connecting is so important.

Hazel’s story

I’ve always been fascinated by the relationship we have with our minds. Because I understand that relationship, through years and years of study, research and training, I am compelled to share that knowledge with you.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, I wish I’d known what I know now earlier in my career.

Throughout my 20s and 30s I worked in highly stressful transitional environments, managing large teams during times of job uncertainty.  Trying to be ‘perfect’ in my role as leader and a parent left me looking burnout right in the face.  I found my perceived ‘failure’ hard to swallow and my critical mind went into overdrive. But, by tapping into my inner psychologist and by doing the work, I turned it around.

I began to understand that what I had experienced was very common and very human, but that didn’t mean that I couldn’t change it.  I learnt that the programming and repeating of patterns that got me to where I was, could be changed.  I stopped seeing resilience as about just getting ‘tougher’ and ‘digging deeper’ and instead worked on developing a flexible approach to my challenges.  Once I worked out how to re-frame, re-train and re-connect with what was most important, it changed everything.

Experiencing this for myself and finding a new way to navigate my mind and my life has, I believe, made me a better leader and a better psychologist.

It is important to me that everything I recommend is tried, tested, and researched, by decades of dedicated psychologists and behavioural scientists… oh, and by me, Hazel Anderson-Turner.

You can read more about Hazel and listen to some of her podcasts on her website

About Hazel Anderson-Turner

Hazel is a business psychologist and a mindset coach who specialises in resilience and leadership. Here’s how she explains her philosophy and coaching approach in her own words:

  • A business psychologist is someone who not only understands what affects and influences employee behaviours, but why. Understanding what makes leaders and teams tick can help businesses to thrive, unlocking the win:win of high performance and highly engaged individuals and teams.
  • We can’t prevent the world around us from happening, but we can develop a mindset that supports us to succeed no matter the external circumstances.  I use a powerful, research-backed approach called acceptance and commitment coaching, which gives you the tools to better understand yourself, retrain your mind and achieve sustainable, transformational change.
  • The complex and uncertain world we work in requires flexibility and agility, not an unwavering toughness.  I use evidence-based approaches to support leaders, teams and individuals to increase their self-awareness and respond to challenges in a flexible, intentional way. Enabling them to gain clarity about, and maintain their focus on, what is most important.

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