Topic: Physical health

Articles that explore specific issues, approaches and research that are relevant to understand when treating people experiencing from physical health issues and problems.

ACT for chronic pain – systematic review

Key findings 25 randomised controlled trials of ACT for chronic pain were identified. ACT showed favourable effect sizes for key outcomes such as pain interference, disability, depression, and quality of life. Some evidence supports the cost effectiveness of ACT for chronic pain based on three studies. Theoretical processes of change, specifically psychological flexibility, played a […]

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An overview review of the systematic reviews of ACT for chronic pain

Martinez-Calderon, J., García-Muñoz, C., Rufo-Barbero, C., Matias-Soto, J., & Cano-García, F. J. (2023). Acceptance and commitment therapy for chronic pain: An overview of systematic reviews with meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials. The Journal of Pain. DOI:   Key findings from study Post-treatment: ACT can reduce depression, anxiety, inflexibility, catastrophising. Post-treatment: ACT can improve mindfulness, pain […]

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Unlocking the path to healing: can ACT help with chronic physical health conditions?

What are physical health problems? When we discuss physical health problems we generally refer to chronic health conditions, long-term illnesses, or health issues that significantly impact one’s lifestyle. While these may be categorised as physical health, the overlap with mental health is well-documented. For an individual who has been used to leading an active and […]

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Systematic review and meta-analysis of ACT in working with chronic health conditions

Brief summary of the paper: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) shows promise for managing chronic health conditions (CHCs). A systematic review and meta-analysis examined the efficacy of ACT compared to other treatments in well-defined CHCs. ACT was found to be superior to inactive groups and some active treatments in improving quality of life and symptom […]

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