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Values are like a compass that guide your actions. They move you towards your deepest desires for how you truly want to act in life. They are not feelings or guarantees for results. They are choices about the actions you want to make.

The list below brings together about 50 of the most common values for people (adapted from Russ Harris, 2010). Print out the list and place a mark next to each one, either a V for ‘very important to me’, Q for ‘quite important to me’ or N for ‘not so important to me’. Remember, there’s no right or wrong answer –  this is just for you. As best as you can, go with your gut and try not to over think it.

Once you’ve marked each value as V, Q, N (Very, Quite, or Not so important), go through all the Vs, and select out the top 5 that are most important to you. Mark each one with a X, to show it’s in your top 5.

Finally, write those 5 values out below, to remind yourself this is what you want to stand for as a human being.

Ask yourself, when any of your top 5 are acting as your compass, what kinds of actions do you take?

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