Upcoming Live Training

ACTing it out: using chairwork to enliven your sessions

Exploring the applications of chairwork in ACT
Dr Tobyn Bell, Dr Matthew Pugh
Two 3.5 hour sessions (7 CE credits)
10th - 11th Jan 2024

This experiential, exploratory, and practice-focused workshop will introduce the four ‘pillars’ of chairwork and how they can be used in ACT. ...

ACT Skills for children and adolescents

Practical experiential exercises to build emotional resilience
Dr Victoria Samuel, Dr Chloe Constable
3 hours (3 CE credits)
31st Jan 2024

Do you want to learn how to deliver ACT to young people in a clear, practical, fun and accessible way? Maybe you have some understanding of ACT ...

ACTivating your supervision

Become a more effective ACT supervisor
Dr Sally Bradley, Jim Lucas
Two 3.5 hour sessions (7 CE credits)
5th - 6th Feb 2024

Are you an ACT clinician looking to build your knowledge and skills in ACT Supervision? Have ...

Working with anxiety in 5-12 year olds

Using the ACT Kidflex to reduce fears and worries
Dr Tamar Black
2 hours (2 CE credits)
29th Feb 2024

If you treat children struggling with mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety, you’ll ...

Focused ACT for brief interventions

Achieve rapid, impactful change in a limited time
Dr Kirk Strosahl, Dr Patricia Robinson
12 hours (12 CE credits)
13th Mar - 18th Apr 2024

Discover the benefits of brief, evidence-based interventions for effective and time-efficient therapy.  As mental health professionals, ...

ACT with parents and teachers

Learn skills proven to improve relationships between adults and teens
Dr Louise Hayes
2 hours (2 CE credits)
19th Mar 2024

Young people are seeking mental health support in schools, clinics and health services in record ...

ACT for insomnia & sleep difficulties

Strategies to address cognitive & behavioural factors inhibiting sleep
Dr Maja Schaedel
6 hours (6 CE credits)
24th - 25th Apr 2024

A key difficulty that gets in the way of our sleep is the pressure to go to sleep. How do we help people protect their sleep and well-being yet who continue to have sleep difficulties? ...

ACT in the workplace

Enhancing workplace well-being with the Train-the-Trainer program
Ross McIntosh
Four 3.5 hour sessions (14 CE credits) + follow up
30th Apr - 18th Jun 2024

In today’s fast-paced work environment, employees are faced with a range of challenges and experiences ...

Treating perfectionism

Practical approaches to unwinding unhelpful habits, fear of failure and relentless self-criticism
Jennifer Kemp
Four 2 hour sessions (8 CE credits)
9th - 30th May 2024

Are you struggling to treat your clients’ perfectionism? Join our in-depth intermediate-level workshop, “Treating Perfectionism,” and deepen ...

Trauma-focused ACT

An in-depth, integrated approach to helping clients heal from trauma
Dr Russ Harris
16 hours (16 CEUs)
4th - 12th Jun 2024

An in-depth, integrated approach to healing from trauma  To overcome the profound and multiple effects of ...

Stuff that's stuck

ACT strategies for engaging and working with challenging teens
Dr Ben Sedley
2 hours (2 CE credits)
2nd Jul 2024

Are you a mental health, counselling, and school professionals working with adolescents? Do you face ...

Working with neurodivergent adults

Developing self-compassion and self-acceptance
Jennifer Kemp
6 hours (6 CE credits)
5th - 12th Sep 2024

Introduction Large numbers of diagnosed and undiagnosed Autistic and ADHDer adolescents and adults are now presenting ...

Working with chronic pain

Using acceptance, mindfulness and values
Kevin E Vowles, PhD
12 hours (12 CE credits)
17th - 25th Sep 2024

Introduction Chronic pain poses significant challenges for individuals and can have a profound impact on their ...