Upcoming live training

ACT in the workplace

Enhancing workplace well-being with the Train-the-Trainer program
Ross McIntosh
Four 3.5 hour sessions (14 CE credits) + follow up
30th Apr - 18th Jun 2024

In today’s fast-paced work environment, employees are faced with a range of challenges and experiences ...

Treating perfectionism

Practical approaches to unwinding unhelpful habits, fear of failure and relentless self-criticism
Jennifer Kemp
Four 2 hour sessions (8 CE credits)
9th - 30th May 2024

Are you struggling to treat your clients’ perfectionism? Join our in-depth intermediate-level workshop, “Treating Perfectionism,” and deepen ...

Trauma-focused ACT

An in-depth, integrated approach to helping clients heal from trauma
Dr Russ Harris
14 hours (14 CE credits)
4th - 12th Jun 2024

An in-depth, integrated approach to healing from trauma ...

Self-harm and suicidality in young people

Supporting adolescents when life seems too hard
Dr Louise Hayes
3 hours (3 CE credits)
18th Jun 2024

Suicide and self-harm are some of the most difficult experiences a practitioner can encounter. When ...

Stuff that's stuck

ACT strategies for engaging and working with challenging teens
Dr Ben Sedley
2 hours (2 CE credits)
2nd Jul 2024

Are you a mental health, counselling, and school professionals working with adolescents? Do you face ...

Applying compassion-focused therapy in the treatment of problematic anger

An intermediate level skills workshop
Russell Kolts
8 hours (8 CE credits)
9th - 10th Jul 2024

Problematic anger can have far-reaching consequences for clients, causing significant harm in various aspects of ...

Working with neurodivergent adults

Developing self-compassion and self-acceptance
Jennifer Kemp
6 hours (6 CE credits)
5th - 12th Sep 2024

Large numbers of diagnosed and undiagnosed Autistic and ADHDer adolescents and adults are now presenting ...

Working with chronic pain

Using acceptance, mindfulness and values
Kevin E Vowles, PhD
12 hours (12 CE credits)
17th - 25th Sep 2024

Chronic pain poses significant challenges for individuals and can have a profound impact on their ...

ACTivate your coaching for beginners

A practical introduction to using ACT in your coaching sessions
Hazel Anderson-Turner
Two 3-hour sessions (5 ICF CCEs)
1st - 8th Oct 2024

Are you a coach looking for an evidence-based approach to support your clients to interact more skilfully with their thoughts and feelings? ...

Mastering ACT

An in-depth exploration of ACT processes
Robyn Walser
Two 3 hour sessions (6 CE credits)
8th - 15th Oct 2024

Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) as a process-based client-centred intervention can offer a transformative experience ...

Frame by frame

Free workshop: A user-friendly guide to understanding relational frame theory
Siri Ming
1.5 hours (1.5 APA CEs / BACB CEUs)
5th Nov 2024

No matter your practice area, population, or title, if you work with humans who are ...

ACT for obsessive compulsive disorder

Using exposure exercises to help clients break free from OCD and live life to the full
Dr. Patricia Zurita Ona
4 hours (4 CE credits)
6th - 7th Nov 2024

If you are working with clients struggling with OCD, no matter where you are in ...

Introducing acceptance and commitment therapy

Learn how to use ACT in your practice
Dr. M. Joann Wright
12 hours (12 APA CEs)
12th - 20th Nov 2024

Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) is a highly impactful model that can bring about significant ...

ACT for physical health problems

Intermediate level deep dive into skills development
Dr Ray Owen
14 hours (12 CE credits)
4th - 12th Dec 2024

Many practitioners report that acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) is enormously helpful for physical health ...

Working compassionately with our multiple selves

A compassion focused therapy (CFT) skills workshop
Russell Kolts
2.5 hours (2.5 CE credits)
13th Dec 2024

Have you ever encountered clients who express contradictory thoughts and feelings in therapy? Statements like: “I ...

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