ACT for Beginners Workshop with Dr Joe Oliver

An introductory workshop to Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

24th Mar 2022


Originally hosted on Thursday 24th March, 2022
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Presenter: Dr. Joe Oliver
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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a strongly supported, evidence-based approach that uses acceptance, mindfulness, and values to bring about powerful changes in clients lives. ACT helps people reduce struggle with painful or unwanted internal experiences, while at the same time, facilitating active steps towards a life of purpose and meaning. It is underpinned by an elegantly complex theory of human language: Relational Frame Theory (RFT).

The changes ACT brings about are transformational as it speaks deeply to the human experience, cultivating meaning and purpose, even when pain or suffering looms large. Because of this, the ACT model is broadly applicable, and has been successfully applied in a vast range of areas, including with anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, coaching, workplace stress, OCD, resilience, chronic pain and physical health problems. It’s also been used with all sorts of people: adults, adolescents, children, couples, parents, carers and older adults.

If you want to find out more about ACT how you can begin to bring the tools and  techniques of into your own practice, then this workshop is for you! It is designed for practitioners who want to learn more about third wave approaches,  enhance their practice by developing skills in acceptance, mindfulness and values procedures.

Joe is an internationally renowned trainer who is skilled at creating a fun and engaging learning environments to help you develop practical skills you can use straight away with your clients.

In this workshop, you will learn:
  • About the 6 core ACT processes and how to practically apply them
  • How to engage clients in exploring their personal values to drive purposeful life change
  • 5 key simple, but powerful methods to help clients untangle from difficult thoughts (without challenging them)
  • How to use mindfulness in a flexible, formulation-informed manner that doesn’t rely on meditation.
  • Ways to supercharge your working relationship to develop strong and meaningful connections.
  • How to build a toolkit of powerful and new techniques to work with even the most tricky negative thoughts

This workshop is designed for a broad range of professionals, including psychologists, medics, therapists, coaches, social workers and physiotherapists.

About The Presenter

Conference held at Friends House, London on 24 April 2015Dr Joe Oliver is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and founder of Contextual Consulting. He is also an Associate Professor and overall Programme Director for the University College London Severe Mental Health Problems Post Graduate programme.   Joe is an active member of the Association of Contextual Behavioural Science (ACBS), previously holding the position of secretary on the ACBS UK & Ireland Chapter Board. He is also a Peer Reviewed ACBS ACT trainer and an ACBS Fellow. He has written 6 ACT books, including:  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy & Mindfulness for Psychosis, and the self help book, ACTivate Your Life and several text books, including ACT for Psychosis Recovery, Acceptance and Commitment CoachingACT: 100 Key Points and Techniques and most recently, the Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Self Esteem.