ACT for Depression: Going deeper into the processes to lift the inertia and move forward with purpose with Jim Lucas

Intermediate Level skills workshop

21st - 23rd Sep 2022

USD $150.00 (+ VAT if applicable)


Wednesday 21st  & Thursday 22nd September 2022
  9am – 12pm UK BST; 6pm-9pm Melbourne AEST  CLICK HERE to convert to your local time
ONLINE WORKSHOP + recording available after
Please note: you can still access the recording for 3 months even if you are not able to make the live event

When clients get deeply stuck in depression, they will inevitably feel hopeless and helpless, avoid meaningful activity, ruminate excessively and withdraw from others.  It can be hard work as a therapist to stay on track and persist. We can end up struggling to engage our clients in building psychological flexibility successfully.  The more we try to help, the more we encounter the same stuck behavioural patterns.

Our energy levels and confidence in our abilities can drain quickly, leaving us feeling uncertain, frustrated and ineffectual.

What do you do when you feel these emotions?

If you find yourself engaging in behaviours such as working excessively hard in session, disconnecting from the client, sitting back and letting them talk, or blaming the client for failing to change, then know that you are not alone.  These are all perfectly reasonable responses to an entrenched situation.

If you find yourself at this point, it’s a sign that, rather than give up, it’s time to go deeper into key ACT processes. By staying close to the functional contextual roots of ACT, you develop the skills to make room for curiosity, appreciating people as they are here and now and connecting with flexibility and wholeheartedness.  This workshop is about how to build your skills to do just that, whilst at the same time holding yourself with kindness and warmth as you do this difficult work.

In this workshop, ACBS peer-reviewed ACT Trainer, Jim Lucas, will show you how to sit inside the ACT processes, embodying them and inviting your client to do the same.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Practice noticing verbal and non-verbal responses indicative of emotional numbing (demonstration and role-play practice)
  • Practice taking a grounded, humble and compassionate stance to create a context that undermines self-criticism and learned helplessness (experiential exercises)
  • Practice regaining attentional control by bringing awareness to the emotional experiences otherwise blocked by depressive patterns (experiential exercises).
  • Practice encouraging a client to allow and describe their emotions to lift the fog of depression (role-play practice).
  • Practice ways to bring awareness and compassion to negatively-framed self-stories to engender hope (reflective writing exercise).
  • Practice engaging clients in positive emotional spirals to create sustainable life patterns (role-play and worksheet completion)

By using taught material, experiential methods, demonstration, role-play practice, and reflective writing, delegates will deepen their ACT knowledge and skills to enhance their work with depressed clients.

About Your Speaker

Jim Lucas specialises in showing CBT Practitioners how to integrate Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) into their work.  He has taught ACT at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels.  Since 2014, Jim has been a Teaching Fellow at the University of Birmingham.  He trains and supervises practitioners on the CBT PG programme within the School of Psychology and founded Openforwards, a Birmingham-based Psychology enterprise offering personal well-being and professional training.  Jim is an ACBS peer-reviewed ACT Trainer and a BABCP Accredited CBT Practitioner and Supervisor.


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USD $150.00 (+ VAT if applicable)