Value and vitality for young people: A masterclass on helping young people find meaning with Dr Louise Hayes

2nd Feb 2023

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Thursday 2nd February 2023
Workshop times: UK time 9am – 11am GMT; Sydney time 8pm – 10pm AEDT. CLICK HERE to convert to your local time
ONLINE WORKSHOP + recording available after
Presenter: Dr Louise Hayes


A key question that comes from professionals who support young people is:

How can I make values come alive?

How do I get beyond, I don’t know or I don’t care? This difficulty answering makes sense from a developmental point of view. Valuing requires us to have language and create self-made rules and actions, such as – How do I want to be in the world? Where do I want my future direction to go? How do I want to interact with others?

If a young person has little experience thinking and speaking in this way, values is a new landscape. And, even if a young person does know some answers, adolescence is a time when those answers will change dramatically. Who we are, what we want, and how we can fit in are concepts that never stand still.

With developmental insights and a theoretical understanding of values, you can change your work and make it come alive. The research on values shows that it is a powerful way to change lives, and it matters that we adapt this to young people.

This webinar will give you practical tools and exercises so you can help young people consider what matters, speak about it, and act on it.

You will learn steps to:

  • Building vitality and knowing why it is important
  • Learn values ‘light’ activities to start your work
  • Learn to make values the context for all of your work
  • We will use clear examples and give you explicit exercises that you can implement.
  • You will enjoy growing and discovering what they value together.
  • You will rarely again ask, ‘What do you value?’.

Who is this for:

The webinar will suit professionals working with adults in all settings, including coaching, education, and counselling.

About the Presenter

Dr Louise Hayes, Clinical Psychologist, MAPS, B.A., B.App.Sci (Hons), PhD (Clinical)

Dr Louise Hayes is a clinical psychologist, researcher, author, and international speaker.  She is a Fellow and Past President of the Association for Contextual Behavioural Science. She is a peer-reviewed Acceptance and Commitment Therapy/Training (ACT) trainer engaged in training professionals worldwide.  Together with Joseph Ciarrochi, she developed DNA-V which has become a leading model of acceptance and commitment therapy. She is the co-author of the best-selling books for young people, Your Life Your Way, and Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life for Teenagers. She is the author of the practitioner book, The Thriving Adolescent. In 2022 she will release a new book using DNA-V with adults, What Makes You Stronger. Louise is also a practising clinician, working with adults and adolescents. She is a former Senior Fellow with The University of Melbourne and Orygen Youth Mental Health. Louise is also a certified Buddhist meditation teacher and takes professionals into the Himalayas to develop their mindfulness skills and raise funds for children in remote Nepal.

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USD $45.00 (+ VAT if applicable)