ACT For Self-Harming and Suicidality with Dr Russ Harris

7th Dec 2021

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Having Difficult Conversations: How Psychological Flexibility can help – with Dr Ray Owen

27th Jan 2022

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The Heart of ACT: Flexible, Process-based, and Client-focused Therapy with Dr Robyn Walser

22nd - 23rd Feb 2022

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ACT for Beginners Workshop with Dr Joe Oliver

24th Mar 2022

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ACT for Physical Health Problems: Intermediate Levels with Ray Owen

25th - 26th May 2022

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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Grief – with Ray Owen

27th Jul 2022

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Trauma-Focused ACT: an in-depth, integrated approach to helping clients heal from trauma with Dr Russ Harris

7th - 8th Sep 2022

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ACT for Depression: Going deeper into the processes to lift the inertia and move forward with purpose with Jim Lucas

21st - 23rd Sep 2022

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